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Unified Healthcare

Unified Healthcare is a specialist training program delivered by the specialist trainers to medical professionals (doctors, nurses, and technicians) and patient interfacing staff (triage and reception), to ensure their full understanding of DD and ID, equip them with the knowledge to make accommodations and modifications and increase their ability to deliver compassionate healthcare to POD.

Making healthcare more inclusive entails building high-performance leaders, medical teams and cultures that are focused on inclusion and understanding the individuality of every person.

The Unified Healthcare training matrix covers the training of decision makers and leaders, medical technicians, doctors and nursing staff, through to other patient-interfacing medical staff, to ensure that the needs of POD with ID are understood at every level, therefore these individuals are empowered to:

  • Provide a seamless and bespoke healthcare experience to POD reflecting their specific needs
  • Design processes and systems that factor POD needs and requirements
  • Collectively create a cultural shift at every level to operationalize inclusion across healthcare institutions in Abu Dhabi

At the end of every year, an awarding ceremony occurs where all accredited entities are given The Unified Healthcare Trophy.

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