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Community Sports

Special Olympics UAE Community Unified Sports program is an inclusive program which combines individuals with intellectual disabilities (athletes) and individuals without intellectual disabilities (partners) on sports teams, training sessions, and competitions to encourage social inclusion and spread the awareness about the importance of sports in the wellbeing of the community members.

Community sports can be sports activations and training sessions in public areas that includes all society members without any restrictions such as learn to cycle program and it can also be leagues among schools teams in specific sports like football and basketball.

Special Olympics UAE Provides

  • Training for coaches and student leaders
  • Training for officials (as needed)
  • Support in matching with people of determination athletes (if needed)
  • League structure and guidelines
  • Awards & recognition

Teams Provides

  • Adult coach
  • Unified partners ( Students without disabilities)
  • Training venue
  • Once weekly training for duration of season (minimum of 10 weeks)
  • Transportation to tournaments.

Learn to Cycle

Special Olympics UAE’s Learn to Cycle program guides people of Determination with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the basics of learning how to ride a bike and develop independent cycling skills. Qualified coaches work with a small group of athletes to ensure safety and provide personalized attention

Learn to cycle is offered free of charge to all people of determination under 12 (4-11) in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and also for ages 12 and above learn to cycle and intermediate level. All bikes, helmets and sanitizing materials will be provided. Masks are required and social distancing protocols will be strictly followed.

For more information on Unified Leagues email

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